Antigone Lives*

  • Accompanied a projection sequence with changing slides

  • During the run, the cue was longer and featured glitchy sounds that were strategically spread out throughout the surround speakers for a fully immersive experience. The stereo mix provided here offers a glimpse into the design.


These Violent Delights

  • Accompanied a chaotic dance scene towards the end of the play
  • This stereo mix offers a preview of the cue, but during the run, a more immersive surround mix was utilized to fully capture the frenetic energy of the scene.

Romeo + Juliet

  • The sample provided here offers a glimpse of the theme, which was carefully woven into the fabric of the production to tie everything together.



  • Offered a creative take on the pre-show fire speech


Once Upon a Time in 1991

  • Music score accompanies this video projection cue that played at the end of the show, featuring a character revisiting all the scenes from throughout the production (video credit to Patrick Blenkarn and Cole Lewis)

Virginia Wolf

  • Produced the score and post-production sound for this recording (covid performance was streamed)

  • The cut provided above captures the final moments of the show

Romeo & Juliet

  • Accompanied the party scene when Romeo and Juliet first meet

  • This cue started off soft and subtle, gradually building towards the big first kiss moment


  • Crafted a cue for a dramatic kiss between Demeter and Hades, timed to coincide with a fermata in the music